All-in-One & Powerful Patient Management System

A powerful system that lets you manage your patients data and clinic!!

Why choose our PMS over others?


Data is never shared with any third parties.


All your patient's data is private and for your eyes only


Doctor can decide the communication to be sent to their patients


We never send marketing promotions to your walk-in patients


We allow only appointment-related messages to patients


PMS has been developed in a way, where it can be customized as your need

All That You Can See Inside the Application

  • A powerful system that lets you manage & grow your practice.
  • Collect your patients’ feedback & show to new patients on your website
  • See patient records from anywhere
  • Manage your profile with advanced profile editor
  • Manage your clinic(s) with a single PMS
  • Track your clinic’s performance on the go
Login to the Software
View all Appointment in one screen (Single and Multiple doctors)
Create Doctors and Users in the software on your own - No Limits
View/Edit profiles of all Registered Doctors
Create Appointment Schedules for each Doctor in 3 easy steps
Create, Save, Edit, Upload your Patients' data againt each appointment - all in one screen
Create all master data related to daily needs - No Limits
View all patients linked to each doctor/clinic
Edit and Save personal data for any patient

Powerful PMS Features

  • Masters
    Seperate masters for Adding any new data in your website as per your needs

  • Enable online appointment booking
    Allow patients to have a realtime view of your availability and book appointments online through your own website.

  • Advanced calendar (Day/Month/Week wise)
    Unlimited appointment confirmation, reminder and follow-up SMS

Create and Maintain Doctor Profiles from anywhere, effortlessly

  • Easily add or modify your and your staff details
  • Add information that matters to your patients - timings, fees, new services, and much more
  • Keep all your information up to date, with ease
  • Supports Multi-doctor and multi-clinic appointment bookings
  • Each doctor in each clinic is color coded for easy recognition

Communicate right information at the right time with patients

  • Automated appointment SMSes
  • Easy re-scheduling and cancellations by you/your attendant with information to patients through Email/SMS
  • One click button to send SMS reminders to patients after a period for follow ups
  • Easy scheduling for the entire treatment duration

Your patient’s data (EMR), always at your fingertips

  • Refer to your patient’s history and offer personalized care.
  • All patients personal data securely saved on your own server
  • No one else has access to this dta except for you
  • All patient's data is stored electronically on your own server
  • No access to any third party for EMRs of yuor patients
  • Download and upload new records or existing records anytime, anywhere

Collect valuable feedback

  • Get reviews and recommendations from all your patients and enhance your online presence.
  • Know what your patients have to say about you
  • Moderate patient feedbacks and have full control on what to show and what not
  • Let everyone read the great feedback patients leave for you

You have Questions, We have Answers

Read all these in detail. We are here to still answer more...

No, PMS is a Patient Management System and not an advertising platform. It helps in managing your patients' appointments and maintain their records and offers a hassle free experience to your staff.
All data is hosted within your own server (which yuor purchase) and hence that your data is totally safe and only accessed by you. No one other than you/us have access to the same. If you want, we can stop our access too and you become the sole ownner of the same. Since we are here to help/manage the software for you, we keep the Databse access with us in order to give you a seamless service. Be assured, we DO NOT sell or share your patient data with ANYONE in the market. No competitors, not even third party online companies.
Yes, certainly. Our development team will help in migrating your data from your existing software to PMS, if we are given proper and full access to your existing software. Sometimes a few components can't be downloaded and imported in bulk and hence we won't be able to import those particular sections in PMS. However, we can discuss the posibilities mutually.
PMS is a feature-rich software and has been built with a lot of research and feedback from doctors. A lot of effort has been put to ensure that PMS has all necessary features that suit the needs of all practices. Even though we have covered almost all requirements you will have as a multi-clinic / multi-doctor clinic, our team will make sure that any customization needed for your clinic will be fulfilled.

We are always open to customize PMS as per a particular need and practice. We are ready to make it a tailor made solution for any client of ours. If the requirements match a generalized practice scenario, we will always code and implement the same. After a software demo, any features which you find are missing, will be discussed and integrated before installation in your clinic for use. However, the customization is always on a chargeable basis.
PMS has been made in a very user friendly manner. It is extremely easy to learn and use. We always provide a demo to our customers before they purchase the software. In case any need further assistance is needed, our support team will be happy to help.
No, you don’t have to teach your staff. We are there to help. We will provide one Official Demo session (online/personal visit) to your staff when the software is purchased. Even after the purchase, if they get stuck anywhere, we are just a phone call/email away.
Sure! You can start a free trial by clicking here. You can purchase a paid software once you discover that PMS is the right software for you and you can manage all your patients' management needs here.
Trial version is completely free of cost. You can choose to purchase a subscription of your choice anytime during the trial period.
The trial version will be active for 7 days.
The software is always counted as 'purchased' when the installation is done on your server. We ensure that you get full rights and correct RoI when you buy the software.
We are a small team and work very closely with each and every client of ours to solve their issues, queries and make them comfortable with PMS. We are always ready to help you. You can contact us with any queries via email to or via phone to +91-9818103878
We have made PMS an open ended software for doctor community. There is absolutely NO limit on number of patients, data for each patient, EMRs to be uploaded etc. So you are a free bird to have any amount of data within your version.
You only need to be a Doctor. We act as your 'IT helper' for all your needs. PMS is a very easy to use and user-friendly software which has been designed/developed keeping in mind ONLY doctors and their staff. NO IT background is required to handle PMS.
No. Hardware or Software upgrades are usually not required.
We need 1 Windows Hosting server with 1 MS SQL Database and 1 Domain name. An SSL certificate is advised to make the PMS and data secure, but is not mandatory.
Absolutely. We advise all our users to host the PMS on reliable and secure hosting servers provided by Big names like Godaddy, Hostgator, BigRock etc. so that data is transmitted across the internet using 32 bit secured encryption. Data is stored in highly secure geographically dispersed data centers in US/APAC regions. Physical access to these sites is secured by armed guards, biometric security, data back-ups, redundant power supplies and fire deterrent systems. We also advise all our clients to buy SSL certificates for their sites and PMS domains so that a double layer is added on the user end for security.

Client Reviews

A few doctors are already using it..Read what they have to say!

Dr. Vivek Mehta

Pulastya Cadle - East of Kailash, New Delhi

I was fed up of using my existing PMS and asked Vdezine to develop a totally customizable software for my clinic! Shifting from existing PMS to this new one was a one time task but all thanks to Vdezine team, all my old data was migrated, all my appointment system made online from my website and now I am using it hassle free from past 6 months! The price they gave me for this new product was un-believable and was far lower than what I paid for my older version. I keep getting new things integrated from them and they support me every time.

Dr. Ameesha Mahajan

Cosmetic Dermatologist, Amritsar

My fellow doctor in Delhi recommended this product to me. Initially I didn't know how things will work but Vdezine team has helped me immensely in setting it up at no pain. All my appointments have been integrated with the website and now my online and offline data is getting merged in one application. They gave me a very reasonable pricing and got me onboard easily! Thanks Vdezine :)

Dr. Saurabh Chawla, Amritsar

I have started using PMS in my clinic in Amritsar and I have seen how easy it is now for my team to manage the patients data now! They configured on my server in one week and I got all my patients data on my laptop very fast! I am soon getting it installed on my second clinic here.

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