Online Food Ordering System

Take order from your own website without any middlemen.


Increase Sales & Deliver

Get Online and Earn on every Order, without Commissions.

Innovative & easy to use ordering system for restaurants

Easy to Configure

We have made OFO so simple that it takes hardly 2 days for us to configure everything for you and make your Restaurant online.

Easy Payment Options

Whether you need a CoD or an Online Payment for your orders, we have options available for both. Choose one or both.

No Technology Needed

We don't expect you to have ANY technical knowledge to use OFO. Consider us as your technical partners and RELAX.

10 Power packed features to increase Online Sales

Our sole motive is to strengthen the relationship between restaurants and their customers by providing a fully featured ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM for the restaurant owner and cutting down on the marketplaces (middlemen). Read the powerful features below and see how you can also have a full fledged working system for your restaurant where every order value is totally yours without ANY Commissions!!

Online/Offline Payments

Connects the ordering system with your payment gateway. This way you accept online payments directly into your account (the money does not pass through us).

Website Order Widget

If you have an existing website, with our online ordering widget it's easy and affordable to add a "Order MENU Online" button to your existing website and start receiving orders right away.

SEO Optimized Website

Build a mobile friendly website that's completely optimized for Search Engines. You will need a domain & hosting. Everything else is designed to generate orders.

Mobile Ordering

Our online ordering widget is fully mobile responsive so it's very convenient for your customers to place an order wherever they are through mobiles and tablets.

Beautiful Menu Pictures

Show off your menu items with beautiful pictures! You can upload your own images or use our free stock photography to create great-looking menus.

Order for Later

Allows you customers to order now and schedule a later pickup or delivery. This way you shop is open all daya and can take orders 24/7 and make money while you sleep!

Powerful Admin Panel

The powerful Admin site of our OFO gives you complete freedom to make your menus customizable! The Dashboard will tell you everything you need to know about your orders, menu and many more features to make life easier for you and your customers.

Real-Time Order Confirmation

Every confirmed order by your customer will result in SMS, Email and an App notification to you and your customer. This way no order is missed by you. Any status change in the order by you will also be shared with your customer through notifications.

Branded Mobile App

We provide a branded app to all our clients looking for a native installation for their customers' phones/tablets. This restaurant app can be easily downloaded from Google/Apple App Stores by cutomers for ordering from phones.

Why say NO to Zomato, FoodPanda, Swiggy, UBER Eats and all marketplaces?

Marketplaces like these are all around and we agree that they give you increased sales. Have you ever tjought on these pointers?

  • Marketplaces charge commission on every order and fees can vary from site to site. They charge heavy Commissions on every order.
  • The online stores impose restrictive terms and conditions in terms of how you can communicate to customers.
  • Repeat orders might decrease in marketplaces. No customer loyalty on these sites.
  • Limited brand presence. Own website doesn't have any limitation on what you want to show to your clients.
  • NO listings on crowded marketplaces where you get lost in competitors list.
  • Create Offers and Discounts as per your choice.
  • Negative Customer Reviews on these sites can impact your Overall Ratings in the Marketplace. You should have a control on displaying reviews.
  • Stand alone in a unique way. Client comes to your website and orders directly.
Shift to OFO

What do you get with our OFO?

We have made OFO a complete application for you, to enjoy all those options which marketplaces give. You can have the same or even more control of what you would like to have in your hands in online selling.

Control Food Menu

The Admin panel provided to the Restaurant owner has all features which are required to make your online menu look awesome. We have included all possible fields like: Menu item name, image, price, category, sub-category, description etc. This makes the user see all possible details of the food before ordering it.

Orders List

The Admin panel will have all details of every order you recieve from the website. The user's personal details which should be shared with the Restaurant owner before delivering the order are shown in a single click. You will know the user's name, contact number, email address, billing and shipping details along with the payment option he/she selected to order.

For COD orders, if you feel that the User is not a genuine one, after verifying the details you have the option of Cancelling the order too!

Customer Database

Every Restaurant owner has complete access of the entire list of customers who have ordered food from his website from day one. We don't hide any details or keep anything with us. We also DO NOT share any details of yuor customer database with any third-parties for data selling activities.

We strongly believe that your customer's data is your property and no one else has any right to it, except YOU.

You can utilize this data for any future marketing promotions of your restaurant in future to increase sales and show them that you care.

Auto Messages

Our system has multiple notification options available for Retsurant owners and their customers. We have built THREE ways to intimate you for every order made on yuor website: SMS, Email, App Notification, just to make sure that no order gets missed by you and the customer doesn't feel bad about an order placement.

Once the customer places an order, he too gets an SMS, Email and an App notification about the same. And that's not all. Once you deliver the order, the customer gets one more notification to make him feel comfortable that his Yummy food is on the way!!

Do you need more?? We don't think so?

Admin Mobile App

While every customer is provided an App to order food, we went a step ahead and created one for Restaurant owners too.

As an Admin, you need to keep a tab on the orders you keep recieving throughtout the day. So a Mobile App only for you to get updates is a part of the OFO.

Be online and keep getting order status on the App. You can also update the status of each order from the App and make sure that the customer is informed about the deliveeies happening from your end.

Start OFO

Straight forward pricing

What more can you expect from a company which highlights it's Single Plan for ALL it's customers without any variable rates.

Our sole aim is to bring all restaurants online through their own websites and sell using our OFO. NO complicated plans, NO Sales gimmicks, just plain simple OFO!!


  • Website + OFO Web App for Online Orders: 1,500/- p.m.
  • Only OFO Mobile Apps (Android + iOS): 2,000/- p.m.
  • Website (with Web App) + Mobile Apps: 3,000/- p.m.
* Minimum contract period: 1 year


  • Website + OFO Web App for Online Orders: 20,000/-*
  • OFO Mobile Apps (Android + iOS): 40,000/-*
  • Website (with Web App) + Apps: 60,000/-*

Infrastructure Costs

  • Domain, Web Hosting for website: 2500/- p.a. (approx.)
  • Play Store costs: $25/- one time (Android); $100/- p.a. (iOS)
  • One time setup cost: 3,000/- p.a. (approx.)

What should you buy?

  • OFO Web App is meant for restaurants who have their website.
  • OFO Web App + website + App is for restaurants who don't have any online presence.
  • We won't charge ANYTHING beyond this. And that's a Promise!!
* Attractive price option for our International clients